Blank Slate Culinary

Consultant and Private Chef Services

Blank Slate Culinary is a full service culinary consulting group, based in New York City. We are a group of chefs with deep experience in the restaurant industry, both in New York City as well as around the world. Our extensive experience across a wide variety of projects has taught us that it is best to approach every new project as a blank slate – no preconceived ideas, plans, answers or solutions. You, your business, your challenges and ultimately, your solutions, are unique to you. We endeavor to dig into what makes your business tick and what’s preventing it from reaching its potential, and develop from the ground up a custom solution that is uniquely tailored to your needs.

Blank Slate provides a wide variety of restaurant consulting services, including pre-opening, staff training, menu development, Department of Health (DOH) compliance, systems and efficiency development, vendor selection, and kitchen design.

Blank Slate also provides experienced, professional chef consulting to food product companies.  Consumer packaged goods (CPG) in the specialty food category can benefit from not only our culinary experience, but also our track record in successfully bringing multiple products to market ourselves, as well as advising many other successful makers.

In addition to our array of consulting services, we are first and foremost chefs. As such, we love to cook great food and please guests. We keep ourselves grounded and current, and our skills and knives sharp, by continuing to spend as much time as we can in the kitchen. We provide a wide variety of clients with catering and private chef services, in both domestic and foreign locations.

Please contact us to discuss how we can bring your culinary vision to life.