FoodTranslator Android App

Blank Slate Culinary is excited to present our first product to help people worldwide to Eat Better! We have just released FoodTranslator, a food translator Android app that helps tourists, foodies, travelers and more discover the delicious local foods of new regions and better communicate about food.

FoodTranslator unlocks local food around the world, giving you access to ingredients, dishes, produce, beverages and more. Translate food terms, special vocabulary, groceries, menu items, dishes and beverages between English and other languages. Decipher menus, order at restaurants, and shop at stores and markets with new insight and understanding. Discover what the locals eat and escape the tyranny and monotony of the tourist menu!

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Currently the following languages are supported, with more coming soon:

For each language, the dictionary contains:

Simple, straightforward design gives you access to useful functionality with no fluff:

This small, lightweight app is designed with travel in mind:

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